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Get ready for Assault wave

A real time World War II themed tactical action game for
- Android: 3.0 and newer
- iPad, iPhone 4S & newer, iPod Touch 5th gen & newer

Defeat the enemy Commander on the battlefield! Deploy your Units and issue Commands to them in the heat of the battle! Get hold of tactically advantageous Collectibles to gain the upper hand! Conquer and hold Victory Locations to triumph!

Google Play: Free demo

Google Play: Full version

iTunes: Free demo

iTunes: Full version


  • Real time
  • Tactical action
  • Drag & Drop controls


  • US and Germany as first playable nations
  • Play full Campaigns: 16 Battles for both sides
  • Quick Play game mode
  • Engage in Online Multiplayer, unlock Units & Commands
  • Earn Achievements
  • On same Device battles with all Units and Commands unlocked
  • 16 Unique Battle Maps

MobileTechReview 4.5/5

"Multiplayer component truly shines. Play this game with a friend and watch it come alive."
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Pocket Gamer / Bronze Award

"The simplicity of Assault Wave makes for some frantic encounters".
Link >> 8/10

"Assault Wave is a good, fast and fun game that contains all the elements required for being a good strategy."
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Overall this is a good fun game with which you can kill a great deal of spare time without needing a single long period of game play. It certainly has more depth to play than is immediately apparent.
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